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JVB - Japan Vietnam Business

     JVB Vietnam is a software company based in Hanoi, Vietnam and Tokyo, Japan.

     JVB Vietnam was established by experienced founders who all spent an extensive period of time studying and working...

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Content Business

Our mission is to create unique and useful products which are beneficial to both individuals and enterprises.

Mobile App Devlopment

Develope Mobile application as ordered by partners with the greatest focus put on creating products of the highest quality on the market.

Web App Development

Develope web-oriented products as ordered by partners: From the most simplistic use to more sophisticated systems implemented in companies, colleges and major hospitals.


Our top engineers are always willing to listen and discuss with customers to figure out the best solutions to the problems at hand.

Our projects

Monitoring system of horse racing video

Technicals: CakePHP1, CakePHP3, GoJS, Linux Centos, MySQL

Patient information management application

Technicals: iOS, Objective-C, SQLite

Construction management system

Technicals: Laravel, MovableType, Linux CentOS, Amazon Cloud, MySQL

Support researching cloud system

Technicals: CakePHP, Linux CentOS, MySQL

Technicals and Tools

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