Japan Vietnam Business

JVB's main business is software development for customers in Japan and Vietnam. Our business is development, design and operation.

Supporting business expansion with highly experienced and the latest IT technology

     JVB Vietnam is a software company based in Hanoi, Vietnam and Tokyo, Japan.

     JVB Vietnam was established by experienced founders who all spent an extensive period studying and working in Japan....


Content Business

Our mission is to create unique and valuable products that benefit individuals and enterprises.

Mobile App Devlopment

Develop Mobile applications ordered by partners with the utmost focus on creating the highest quality productions on the market.

Web App Development

Develop web-oriented products ordered by partners: From the most simplistic use of more sophisticated systems implemented in companies, colleges, and major hospitals.

Our projects

Monitoring system of horse racing video
Technicals: CakePHP1, CakePHP3, GoJS, CentOS Linux, MySQL
Project size: 5 member(s)
Time: 81 months ~
Patient information management application
Technicals: iOS, Objective-C, SQLite
Project size: 3 member(s)
Time: 85 months ~
Support researching cloud system
Technicals: CakePHP, CentOS Linux, MySQL
Project size: 6 member(s)
Time: 126 months ~

The results of offshore development are also posted on the following exclusive page.

Technicals and Tools

Front End




Back End





Artificial Intelligence (abbreviated as AI) is a branch of computer science.


The volunteer trip "Warm and Loving Tet 2024" of the Trade Union of the Tender Management and JVB Vietnam Company fulfilled its mission.


With the theme "Kaizen", the party was an opportunity for JVB Vietnam to look back on the 10-year journey with many memorable milestones.


JVB Vietnam had welcomed professors and students from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Information Technology at Hoa Lu University for a...

This is Nguyen, Japan Representative Director. In our offshore development, as someone who has worked and lived in Japan for a long time, I try to make sure that I accurately understand the customer's requests and needs through actual visits or video chats with the customer. If you are interested in JVB's offshore development, please download the materials from the following page.