High quality Low cost

JVB = Japan Vietnam Business Starting from Vietnam and Japan, we support your business through IT.

  1. Strong Bridge System Engineer (BrSE):

    •     Bridge system engineer will communicate directly with customers on a regular basis to ensure full understanding of customer’ s goals and specifications in order to produce the best products.
  2. Close cooperation:

    •     Japan and Vietnam based BrSE and Development team are in close cooperation to deliver rapid high -quality products .
  3. . Development in Vietnam:

    •     Given the advantage of lower labor cost of development in Vietnam, the price will be more affordable.

We are a group of young, enthusiastic, motivated, and well experienced IT professionals graduated from prestigious universities around the world.

  1. Bridge system engineer in Japan

    •     Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology
    •      Many years of experience in the IT field
    •     Holds Oracle Gold ITIL certificates
  2. ridge System Engineer in Vietnam:

    •     Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology
    •     Previously served as team leader at top internet service company in Japan
  3. Chief technology:

    •     Rich experience of leading different projects of diverse scope
  4. Developers:

    •   Graduated from top universities in Vietnam
    •   Well-skilled, updated knowledge, well experienced
  5. Languages:

    •   English, Japanese

Currently possessing a wide range of IT technologies Continually acquiring knowledge and new technologies to provide customers with the best solutions

  1. Languages:

    •     PHP, Ruby, Java, ASP.NET, Objective-C, C/C++, Html, Html5, JS, CSS, XML, JSON
  2. Frameworks:

    •     CakePHP, Zend, Symfony, Smarty, Struts, Springs, Jax-RS, JQuery, Backbone
  3. Databases:

    •     Oracle, SQL Server, MySql, PostgreSQL
  4. Members of the company  

    •   Được đào tạo bài bản từ các trường đại học lớn.
    •   Có nhiều kinh nghiệm tham gia các dự án trong và ngoài nước
  5. CMS  

    •   Zend-cart, Wordpress, Magento, Zoomla.
  6. OS    

    •   Linux (CentOS, Obuntu), Windows Server (2003, 2008).
  7. Tools  

    •   Eclipse, SVN, Github

Development experience

We have experience working with multiple diverse clients.We offer a wide array of services, such as business systems, websites, mobile apps for our customers.

  1. Management systems

    •     Hospitals, patients and medical records management systems
    •     Moving management systems
    •     Major corporate purchasing systems
    •     Energy calculation measuring systems
    •     E-learning systems (such as MBA etc.)
  2. Websites

    •     Travel guide website
    •     Pet website
  3. Mobile, Tablet apps

    •     Hospitals, Patients management app
    •     News app
    •     Travel guide app
    •     Restaurant management app
    •     Company employee management apps Etc.